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This is a community about Music, co-maintained by yo_shza and shegeek. We encourage all kinds of talk about music. Please feel free to promote bands, local shows, discuss new albums that you've recently bought, talk about shows youve gone to. Also, reccomend new music you've found that you'd like everyone to hear! This should also serve as a community to find out about new music. Basically, keep it to music. No soapboxes here, just plastic crates full of records.

One more quick rule..


This isnt a community to prove how obscure your taste is. It's open to everyone. THats why i have every genre i could think of on the damn interests list. Let me know if i'm missing one.


We wont rate your tastes either. Thats dumb. Viva la difference.

Music reviews!! We'd love for you to add a review or three. It doesnt have to be new music, just review an album that you dearly love. It can be as long as you want as long as its behind a cut. Short reviews dont have to be cut.

A few requests, please do not post quiz results. Keep that for your regular journal. This is basic LJ politeness, you probably already know that. Also, if at all possible, please keep elongated posts behind cuts. I know some people can't but if you can, please do. Lastly, do not dissalow comments or i'll delete your post. If you can't take the heat, etc. etc.

Other than that, it's carte blanche. You'd basically have to kill a member our family to get kicked off. We have high levels of tolerance.

Cheers folks!

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