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Taiwan's Mavis Fan Follows Her Own Yellow Brick Road

While my recent trip to Taiwan could only be described as a crash-course in the country's music sector, I had had the pleasure to see Fan Xiaoxuan, aka Mavis Fan, perform a year earlier at MIDEM with her band 100%. I immediately became a fan of the "Little Witch of Music" for her ability to straddle pop and rock influences and spot-on vocals into a seamless high-energy sounds.
Mavis has come a long way though and climbed many hurdles to arrive where she is today. Thrust into fame in the mid-90s as a "sweet girl" pop star for the children's market, her records sold over a million copies each, maker her an idol for an entire generation of children. But as happens with so many young pop star, she faced a crisis of following her typecast role or venturing off to follow her own voice. Luckily for us, this Dorothyesque singer chose to chart her own unique (and some times muddy) path down the yellow brick road as you'll see from this video.
By Eric de Fontenay
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